Studio Evans Lane were appointed in August 2019 to undertake a feasibility for a New Build HQ for a local authority. Working with cost and sustainability consultants this initial stage of the project was completed in the early Autumn, however the project was put on hold due to the pandemic. As with many other businesses the council adopted a WFH policy and this accelerated a review of working habits and long term strategy for the way the council would deliver its services most beneficially and efficiently. 
Following a review of a number of sites, a recommendation was made for the re-use of buildings within the council-owned shopping centre as a preferred solution; a highly sustainable re-use of a series of redundant spaces but one which required innovative solutions to introduce adequate daylight into deep spaces originally designed for retail and not office use.
Following council and planning approval in January 2022, Studio Evans Lane and the full consultant team were appointed to take the project through to completion of RIBA stage 3, after which it proceeded on a Design and Build contract with another service provider to the council. Studio Evans Lane are remaining client-side for the remainder of the project.
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