A competition proposal to provide a Temporary Pavilion for the Walk and Talk Festival in the Azores, Summer 2020.

Local materials and precedent have informed the evolution of the pavilion - the traditional “A” frame houses; the Criptoméria dos Açores
(Japanese Cedar); the patterned cobbles of the main square; basket-weaving traditions using locally grown willow; fishing nets used all around
the islands. The unique location of the Azores ringed by Ocean also brings to mind the importance of reducing the Ocean Plastics that blight the world’s waters.
We sought to take these references and adopt a simple, modular construction method to produce a visually complex and exciting structure.
A simple triangular structural frame constructed from the indigenous Japanese Cedar is used as a modular framework, on which a variety of
materials can be stretched to form weatherproofing, enclosure and solar shading.

In turn these triangular sections are connected to each other at a standard 120°angle, yet this still offers numerous configurations. The supports
reach the ground via an Orbtial Ball and Socket foot, resting on a spreader timber base plate.

The resulting structure arcs gracefully over the functions below. Enclosure and privacy can be increased by intensifying the covering of the
framework, whilst it is possible to omit panels in areas that can sustain more openness.
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